SPIRIT.3H supports personal, business and community change by :

  • coaching for innovation, sustainability, meaning and wellbeing;
  • facilitating planning and collaboration for success; and
  • developing learning and performance cultures to meet local and global challenges.

We all have a leadership role  – “Be the change you wish to see in the world”  – Gandhi

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What People Say


 Your sessions have assisted me greatly:

  • Understanding other people’s personality types;
  • Understanding the 4 different leading styles, which one I am and which one works best on certain people; and
  • Understanding myself and my default reactions to scenarios.

Business Planning  and Change Management

Tony is a flexible facilitator, provides lots of opportunities for participant’s contributions and the examples make it easier to understand the concepts.

Green Team Effective Communication and Leadership

Strong features of the workshop were the excellent communication of ideas, incorporation of individual situations, positive reinforcement, interactive material, active participation, sharing of ideas, adjusted to suit the audience,  good integration of green team issues and fresh ideas to go away with.

Oriental Yoga 

Since I have started Oriental Yoga (Yoga Chi Gung) I have found so many benefits, I am more flexible, my balance has improved immensely, and my anxiety levels are much lower. I was also surprised that my blood pressure had gone down to more normal levels.  Last but not least I seem to have a much better nights’ sleep.  Thank you  for improving my overall wellness.

The Yoga classes are a really peaceful and relaxing time in the week; I really appreciate the exercises and the spirit.

Strong features are:

  • giving young people the opportunity to try something new in learning to find quietness in stressful situations and how to relax. 
  • breathing focusing the mind.
  • flow of gentle exercises.
  • connecting with nature and the seasons.

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