Life itself can not be improved upon yet each person can contribute to the betterment of society and the earth.

This can be achieved by being centered and sensitive to what is happening at the time.

The wise person naturally avoids extremes, excesses and complacency.

This quote from Ancient Chinese sages acknowledged the need to achieve balance in our lives and this is still relevant in our world today. By achieving balance each person can contribute in a positive way connecting to community and nature leading to Happiness, Health and Harmony (3H).

Movements as practiced in Yoga and Chi Gung have been used through out the ages to promote healing, strength, flexibility and balance.  In the orient, internal arts and spiritual exercises were developed to not only develop the body, but also the mind. In oriental yoga the body functions according to the flow of chi or life force.  Yoga Chi Gung integrates a range of practices including Chi Gung, Tai Chi and Yoga.

Yoga Chi Gung cultivates awareness and resolves stress, both physical and psychological. By moving the body in the most natural way the practice is invigorating and nurturing yet building body awareness and strength of muscles as you achieve balance.

 The practice is designed to be within your capacity by extending without tension and challenging without stress.   Stretching is within your body limits. Yoga Chi Gung practice does not require past experience or a level of flexibility to commence practicing.

Why not learn the art of balance? You will benefit by being centered with a feelings of vitality, improved blood circulation and breathing. Increase your strength and suppleness and the ability to move through change and life’s challenging situations. Improve the quality of your sleep and relaxation and learn useful stress management techniques.

SPIRIT.3H Yoga Chi Gung classes are offered at The Northshore  Community Centre, David Low Way, Mudjimba on the Sunshine Coast and  at 71 Somerset Road at Kedron in Brisbane.  Classes are also suitable for businesses to be delivered in the workplace. 

Contact Tony on MS0419791860, email  or visit the web site for more information.

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