The significant increase in the flows of information such as emails, texts and social media means that individuals are looking for coping strategies to achieve peace of mind and clearer thought processes. More and more people seem to be suffering from health issues like burnout and needing time out with excessively busy or chaotic lives.

The practice of Yoga Chi Gung (YCG) offers hope being meditative by design connecting the body and the mind. By exercising while being centred and with the breath you will experience feelings of clarity, vitality and will be better prepared to deal with information.

The earlier in your life stage you take on the practice of regular meditation the better for your wellbeing through your life course.  With regular meditation the mind becomes calm and silent yet alert and more change ready. As you become more practised in meditation you will be able to achieve this on your own. The YCG teacher will provide guided meditation and techniques in the class aiding a deeper feeling of peace and calm.

In the digital age we have some digital solutions and you might like to visit one of the new online meditation tools like sixty (60) second tool for mediation or visit for tools and information on regular classes.

Contact Tony on MS 0419791860, email or visit the web site for more information.


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