In my experience high performing organisations have leaders that care and I have been attracted to caring leaders and organisations in my working life. This does not mean caring leaders are restricted to services like health care and includes legal, building regulatory services, environmental protection, employee relations and training, insurance and financial services and many others sectors. The people in these caring organisations put themselves into the customer or other persons shoes pursuing excellent service.

George Kohlrieser in CARE TO DARE (2012) discusses a “secure base leadership” approach where there is a need to “challenge yourself and others to see and achieve what is beyond normal expectations”. Kohlrieser discusses that all humans have a desire to seek closeness and a person that gives them a sense of protection and caring. In these caring organisations like Richard Branson’s VIRGIN extended family values are demonstrated with a focus on safety and relationships while balancing the opportunity for exploration and risk taking. Secure base leaders connect the caring and daring to produce energy, inspiration and achievement.

Some leaders:

  1. Do not inspire others?
  2. Lack the awareness they are having on other people?
  3. Neglect relationships in the relentless pursuit of goals?
  4. Do not manage themselves and their emotions?

You may be interested in leadership and change coaching and workshops that work through values, leadership behaviours, performance management and relationship management to develop a caring culture with security, learning and stretch (2SL).

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