Many of us know somebody who seems to have it all together balancing their life having a calmness or serene feeling about them as they flow from one task and role to another. These happy positive people can be found at all stages of their lives within different communities.

We all have different life styles and we may try to change and achieve a work-life balance, however, efforts in this area often come unstuck. Work and leisure do not start and stop neatly with modern daily life pressures. We can fail to be in the moment giving attention to our love ones, friends and colleagues. Careers, family and community responsibilities mean change and adjustments in relationships are a constant challenge for us.

The great thing is we all have gifts and these help our choices.  By getting some feedback and establishing a coaching plan around your preferences, life stage and life style you can move into that serene or sweet spot. A holistic coaching approach can help you navigate through the different stages of life focussing on meaning and wellbeing.

With Yoga Chi Gung an oriental yoga practice you can be supported in achieving a state of wellbeing. By connecting to your individual energy and breath with postures, flows and meditation you can be on a developmental path for a healthy, body, mind and spirit.

Tony at SPIRIT.3H is an experienced coach and yoga teacher who has a passion for helping people achieve their goals.  A holistic coaching program for you around career, lifestyle, nutrition, meditation and exercise will help you. By believing that nothing is impossible and realising every journey starts with a single step you will meet the challenges in life.

Contact Tony to arrange a coaching session (teleconference, online or in person) phone MS 0419791860, email or visit the website  for more information. Also, you may like to join a regular Yoga Chi Gung class recommencing on the week of 12 January, 2015 at the North Shore Community Centre at Mudjimba on the Sunshine Coast.

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