Tony provides SPIRIT.3H holistic coaching and oriental yoga instruction that can help you with meaning, purpose and wellbeing in your life. Working to bring about change involves the body, mind and spirit. Tony says if he was to give a simple start to this change journey then he would include:
1. Learning by listening and being more intuitive;
2. Exercising and meditation daily with postures, stretches and flowing movements to help the flow of energy or chi; and
3. Getting out in nature and the sun connecting to the natural environment.
Firstly start by learning by listening and suspending all judgement. This approach eliminates some of the blockages around what do I think I already know or that I am attached to my view point and wants. These blockages you need to recognise as you learn when listening.
Secondly try to quieten the mind with meditation and oriental yoga exercise practice where you focus on the breath and just flow like a river. Also, as you practice try to tune into listening to your heart more deeply so that you can get clearer signals.
Thirdly you need to try to get out in nature as this can help you to nourish and clear the mind, body and spirit and help you find the direction by turning inwards and listening to yourself.
Tony at SPIRIT.3H is an experienced coach and yoga teacher who has a passion for helping people achieve their goals and find their way to living a happy, healthy and harmonious life. Join Tony for a personalised holistic coaching session on line or in person plus regular group yoga chi gung classes.
WHEN: COACHING: By appointment or CLASSES: Mondays 9:30 – 10:30 AM and Wednesdays 3-4 and 7-8 PM
WHERE: North Shore Community Centre (David Low Way, Mudjimba near Coles), Sunshine Coast, Australia
COST: COACHING $85 per session YOGA CHI GUNG $50 for 5 Classes or $12 for a casual class.
Find out more about the free 1st session or class offer in June and July.
CONTACT: Tony by PHONE on MS 0419791860 OR EMAIL:
Visit the WEB:  Like on FACEBOOK:

Peaceful Pelican in Nature

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