The current level of unemployment stops many people being able to afford security, safety and basic needs. If we add to the unemployment levels. Underemployment, we have a significant problem.

Underemployment describes a situation where the potential labour of employed people is not fully used. For example underemployed would be people employed part time or casual who want to work more hours to make a satisfactory living.

The underemployment challenge is not only the 18-25 age category but also the over 50s and the ABS statistics do not show the true picture. These groups are not captured in official figures as in many cases they have stopped looking for work and do not register for unemployment benefits.

As a coach and mentor I feel it is best for people to love their work living their passion having a clear purpose. This approach to life and work helps people maximise their opportunity for success. Unfortunately, people without the passion, purpose and resilience are more likely to suffer health and wellbeing problems.

The safety net in terms of social security benefits and age pensions is failing to ensure that people can keep abreast of increasing costs in utilities such as water and electricity charges and spiralling health costs. Governments continue to reduce the size of this safety net or fail to support minimum wage adjustments that are meaningful. The move to a Universal Living Income (ULI) as in Scotland and Canada seems to be a step needed to help more people from falling below the poverty line.

I have become involved with the Re-think Re-engage Foundation (RRF) which is a group formed to address the future talent shortage and unlock the prosperity getting more over 50s back into the workforce. I am keen on improving industry take up of over 50s (i.e. past the Bunnings and banks) and examine internships and other ways for re-entering the workforce.

Governments need to address a universal living income and support a better framework for unemployment, underemployment, reducing poverty and increasing productivity and prosperity for everyone in our community.

Easter for me is a time for us all to open our hearts to those less fortunate in the community as well as appreciating our natural world.

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