I have taken on a role as an ambassador with RE-THINK RE-ENGAGE FOUNDATION AUSTRALIA The RRF is an Australian non-profit organisation committed to influencing and supporting Australia’s O5UW’s (i.e. over 50’s underemployed overqualified workers) transforming this talent to drive innovation in the Australian economy.

The Federal Government has just announced a trial to bring back older Australians into the workforce. The 5 sites that include Somerset in Queensland will spend a total of $110 million. The program includes a short intensive course with better ways to search for jobs and understand the local labour market and optional computer and information technology training.

As a HR professional and coach I am afraid without a holistic approach that recognises discrimination and stereotyping of older workers further training is unlikely to bring results. Many older workers are already highly literate in information technology and have much to offer just needing a chance.

With underemployment, casualisation of the workforce, low superannuation balances for many workers and technological changes meaning many jobs are disappearing the need to respond to the plight of older workers is significant. Older workers are a talent pool we need to nurture and support through broad based programs accessible to all in the Australian economy.

If you would like to be involved in developing solutions please contact me on tony.gibson@spirit3h.com.au

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