I was fortunate to experience my high school years at an inner city public school in Brisbane that was a melting pot of different nationalities and racial groups. I developed friendships from this time and for me it has highlighted my belief that diversity is what makes great organisations and makes Australia a great nation.
I define diversity as the inclusion of individuals representing different national origins, races, religions, socioeconomic stratum, sexual orientations, genders and age profiles which make our Australian culture great.
As a manager and business coach I have seen the benefits of diversity in the workplace as individuals bring a range of different skills and can relate effectively with different elements of the customer base. We need to reduce unemployment in the workforce creating jobs and increasing the wealth distribution in the Australian economy as we take advantage of this diversity.
I believe we should continue to benefit from our cultural diversity increasing international connections and keeping the dialogue going to avoid conflicts and more wars. If we look at the impact of a Samsung or a Hyundai from South Korea they benefit the Australia with a transfer of innovation, technology and local jobs. Clearly we still need to do more to value add to create more local jobs.
Australia is largely a migrant nation with most of us having arrived here in the last couple of hundred years and we can trace much of our prosperity to diversity and to our social cohesion.
We can see diversity and our migrant’s backgrounds in the makeup of the Australian parliament. The Section 44 of the constitution eligibility concerns for current parliamentarians highlights how many have recently arrived.
When the Australian nation and our harmony are threatened by people who seek to divide us it is more important than ever to concentrate on the things that unite us.
A thousand mile journey starts with one step and I call on our political leaders to focus on unity and prosperity taking advantage of our diverse rich culture.

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