Karen Gately writes about green values to attract young staff and the importance of leadership which is what I have been saying for years. I also think you need older workers that are good leaders and role models that are mentoring with green values to have a balance in a sustainable workforce. Have a read and click on the link to find out more.

As Millennials will soon dominate the workforce, here are some tips to satiate this socially conscious generation.

Australian greenhouse gas emissions are at an all time high, says a recent report in the Guardian – as good a reason as any to consider going green. But there is another factor at play – attracting millennials.   By 2025, Millennials will make up three-quarters of the global workforce. The need for organisations to attract and retain them is growing; yet all too often leaders and HR professionals alike continue to criticise what they perceive to be an impatient, unrealistic and demanding generation.

The time has come to stop complaining about the challenges Millennials typically bring, and prioritise how to get the best from them. Like any other generation, Millennials are unique and demand different things in order to earn their loyalty.


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