A study by CPP Asia Pacific found that people like to spend time at Christmas as follows:
49% of people mentioned being with family, friends or loved ones; 34% mentioned eating, 17% presents, 9% drinking, 9% cooking, 9% visiting family or friends, 9% going to church, 7% TV, 7% walk, 7% games, and 5% having people over.i

Those who mentioned presents, eating, drinking, games and being with family or friends were expecting to enjoy Christmas more than those who didn’t. People who mentioned seeing in-laws said they would enjoy Christmas significantly less than those who didn’t!

Those who prefer Introversion were more likely than those who prefer Extraversion to go to church, those who prefer Feeling and Judging were more likely to mention being with family and friends, and those with Perceiving preferences were more likely to mention presents.

There were also some interesting personality differences regarding Christmas activities – different activities were linked to higher levels of enjoyment of Christmas for different MBTI® personality types:
• Extraversion – happier if playing games
• Introversion – happier if they were going to drink or going to church (but not necessarily at the same time!), less happy if seeing their partner’s family or in-laws
• Sensing – less happy if seeing in-laws
• iNtuition – those who were happier mentioned presents, eating, TV and games
• Thinking – happier if seeing family and friends
• Feeling – happier if eating and watching TV
• Judging – less happy if seeing in-laws
• Perceiving – happier if playing games and seeing family and friends

Now of course, this is only based on people’s views of how much they expected to enjoy Christmas.
Enjoy your Christmas.

Cheers Tony

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