I have enjoyed coaching and mentoring in business and the wider community because I can see the difference it makes by just getting people to focus on their strengths or gifts. I have seen this as a way to help people get more meaning and wellbeing in their lives.
The challenges of living on the Sunshine Coast are many with significant underemployment and a cost of living equal to or if not more than our major cities of Sydney and Melbourne. For younger people the mortgage stress and the cost of child care are significant issues whilst older people surviving on pensions and retirement savings looking for work or costly aged care places are some of the challenges.
We were told in a recent Federal Government study that the Sunshine Coast’s stock in social housing is half what it should be and the aged care heavily privatised the safety nets for the most vulnerable in the community are not adequate.
The New South Wales Young Liberals President’s recent suggestions that the value of the family home or primary place of residence should be included in the consideration of access to the age pension could lead to people choosing to stay in paid employment longer.
Many older workers have skills and knowledge that are being accessed by the community in non-paid volunteer roles, however they could equally be applied in meaningful paid roles if they had more choices available.
National Seniors and the Federal Government have information tool kits for safeguarding against skills shortages tapping into the networks and experience of older workers. There are financial support and programs for employers with the Investing in Experience Tool Kit available on line for employers wanting to give older workers an opportunity. There is a strong business case for using older workers as many employers like retail and construction would attest.
Whatever stage of your life you have many gifts and strengths to share and I wish you well in 2018. Enjoy your day.

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