Self Care
Most of us get stressed and anxious at times but it is important to have a toolkit for self care. For me this is pretty simple with long walks, yoga chi gung and meditation plus eating and sleeping when you need it. However, to get the balance right in our lives we need to consider many elements like our purpose, work environment, recreation, family and relationships.
In the workplace we see people who are there the longest number of hours and who often are not the most productive and easy to get along with. Also, you see the people who have a plan and a purpose achieving meaning and wellbeing and getting everything done with a minimum of fuss.
In leading European countries like Denmark there is a reduction in average working hours and employees are supported with very good conditions. At the same time Denmark leads the stakes in productivity, wellbeing and happiness.
In contrast in Australia, the recent displays in Canberra with the bullying in the parliament clearly indicate this is not a desirable workplace and the culture and values are very hazardous. The former Foreign Minister, Julie Bishop indicated that the behaviours in the parliament would not pass the grade in most workplaces. If you were serious about self care you would steer clear of a long term career in politics.
In Victoria, the Health Care Sector has introduced human resource management practices to address rudeness, bullying and harassment with new workplace civility programs. The civility and common courtesy programs are starting to work with healthy manners.
Whilst we are the masters of our destiny going into hazardous work environments and not being serious about the basics like getting enough exercise, nutrition and sleep means that many in our society are on the slippery slope.
Self care paradoxically requires giving and kindness to others to receive similar responses. This means working towards a culture with a degree of civility in our relationships and across the community.
Let as all try to make civility and courtesy fashionable.
Enjoy your day.

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