I love to do a long walk in the wilderness each year up to about 100kms. The Cooloola Great Walk from Rainbow Beach to Tewantin through the high coastal dunes and headwaters of the Noosa River is one of my favourites.

Like any journey, a great walk commences with a first step and then another. While many might think this seems to be an arduous journey, the passion for the experience started with many shorter walks that were gradually coming together in wonderful experiences of nature and working as a team. Such journeys therefore start with a lot of preparation, different experiences and gradual skill development so the fears dissolve as you enjoy each journey.

A part of starting out on a new venture, a new job or another great walk is to challenge oneself, sharing with others and being prepared to learn new things overcoming fear and misunderstandings.

I believe the skills picked up on a great walk can help you develop your own survival guide not just to do the walk but to change in your life.  When you are out there walking in the open with the pack on your back and the storm front moves in quickly, you need to work with the situation at hand.

On the great walk adventure we need to learn by doing, effectively responding to the changing environment and operating as a team. The different gifts and abilities of different people in a team will show that everyone has a leadership role. While somebody might have great map reading and navigational skills another person may be a great storyteller or be able to keep everyone going to reach that next campsite at the top of a hill.

The great walks are a massive enjoyment and fun for me and by the end of the journey we will have moved from a group who started out together to now being a cohesive team. The shared adventure will build respect, trust and life time friendships.

Take your first step as you live your passion today.

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