I have been an advocate of collaborative leadership seeing this as a most effective approach and already quite a trend in my leadership research in the early 2004. This leadership approach requires open communication, mutual trust and respect present in social enterprises.
Deloittes Business Consultants reported in March 2018 that global trends were for “The Symphonic C-suite: Teams leading Teams” approach to be dominant. The report states that senior leaders can’t afford to work in silos in today’s complex, dynamic environment. The goal is to act as a symphony of experts playing in harmony—instead of a cacophony of experts who sound great alone, but not together.
The model of the new social enterprise recognises that there is a need to represent all stakeholders’ interests working with customers and communities with strong corporate social responsibility programs. In addition, wellness programs for workers become the norm to ensure they maintain their competitive advantage and retain the best people.
If only our Federal, State and Local governments’ organisations had harmonic collaborative leadership teams being open, transparent, accountable and more socially responsible, we would be much better off.
While the private sector players in areas like the energy sector have factored in climate change and the communities desire to move away from the old fossil fuels into clean and green renewable energy, the federal and state governments in particular lack agility and commitment. An example is the support of the Queensland and Federal Governments for the ADANI mine and transport infrastructure to export coal.
The citizens under the Sunshine Coast Regional Council (SCRC) are being led into risky financial ventures like airport expansions and new CBDs without publicly available business cases. The SCRC does not demonstrate a team based collaborative leadership approach and the community is paying dearly. The SCRC has the highest minimum average general rates rise for similar South East Queensland councils at 3.5 percent.
It is time for governments to have collaborative leadership symphonies like social enterprises.
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