Tony Gibson on April 23rd, 2020

Well it has been a remarkable couple of weeks with neighbours getting out on the kerbside to have a chat at the close of the day and everyone sharing a greeting when they capture another human being in sight. As people escape the confines of the four walls of their homes, connect on the internet […]

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I will be utilising a video conferencing platform called ZOOM (note other apps include Jitsi Meet+) I have paid for the pro version of ZOOM so we can go past 40 mins and up to 100 participants) To prepare for the session please read the following: 1/ set up a device which has camera and […]

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It is time to look at a holistic approach to ensure your immune system is working to keep you fit and well. At this time of the year the virus and flu season is nearly with us and both eastern and western medicine practices have much in common with suggested treatments. From Traditional Chinese Medicine […]

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