Well it has been a remarkable couple of weeks with neighbours getting out on the kerbside to have a chat at the close of the day and everyone sharing a greeting when they capture another human being in sight. As people escape the confines of the four walls of their homes, connect on the internet and have conversations, ideas are starting to germinate and grow.
I am enjoying grappling with the problems of the world in a weekly two hour social chat over social media with friends and similarly world leaders are starting to address key issues like poverty and homelessness. This is the upside of the virus regulations as leaders work for public health and safety more than return on investment and maintaining the free market competitive forces.
Our leaders in Australia suddenly doubled the dole which social reformers have been asking for years. For unemployed Australians, the COVID-19 panic has meant a doubling of their take-home pay after all those continuing arguments against any increase since 1994.
Why can’t we go the next step and as I have been advocating by implementing a Universal Living Income like Spain is planning. Spain is taking steps to implement a Universal Basic Income to help citizens weather the economic fallout from the novel coronavirus, which would make it the first nation in Europe to do so. The Spanish Minister of Economic Affairs said that “We’re going to do it as soon as possible. So it can be useful, not just for this extraordinary situation, and that it remains forever,”
The idea behind universal basic income is to provide everyone with a minimum living wage, whether they are employed or otherwise. … A guaranteed income would ensure financial security, allow financial freedom, remove the “poverty trap”, and support more path choices.
This is a time of change and from little things big things can grow. We now have visibly cleaner air so let us all take a deep breath and see what we can do to improve the natural environment and at the same time providing for a more equitable world.

Enjoy your day

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