I will be utilising a video conferencing platform called ZOOM (note other apps include Jitsi Meet+) I have paid for the pro version of ZOOM so we can go past 40 mins and up to 100 participants)
To prepare for the session please read the following:
1/ set up a device which has camera and audio capabilities and Google Chrome installed in a room or deck with your yoga mat, pillow, bolster, rug, etc
2/ devices include laptops, ipads, smartphones and desktop computers with audio and camera
3/ if you wish to use a smartphone please download the free ZOOM app
How will the process work?
1/ I will send you an invitation or link either via email. An email link will enable you
to join the video session via a computer.
2/ The invitation will be sent if you have previously attended that time slot
3/ If you are using the app on your phone:
– Download the Zoom App onto your phone (this is free)
– I will send you an invitation
– Tap on the first link to join the Meeting
4/ If you are using your computer:
– Ensure Google Chrome is installed onto your computer
– I will send you an email invitation
click enter and join the meeting (this will ensure it opens in Google
Chrome rather than other search engines
– the link may take you straight there
In the unlikely (and sad) event that your online session does not run smoothly, please let me know so we can then resolve the issue. You will not incur a fee for half a class or no class at all.
I will be present on line 10 minutes before class time and I can be contacted by phone up to 5 minutes before the start of the session.
Let us enjoy this new opportunity.
Namaste Tony MS0419791860

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