We are blessed to enjoy creatures in nature like the White Bellied Sea Eagle that we find along the Maroochy River and our coastline. I was fortunate to see several sea eagles, an elegant sea snake and eastern yellow robin in just a normal week enjoying the spirit of our country.

Also, last Friday, walking from Sunshine Beach through to Noosa Heads through the National Park the coastal scene of big blue skies and seas with dolphins playing filled me with emotion of gratitude. This was particularly because I could share this with my partner and other walkers.

It is not all a feeling of gratitude in our lives and we need to work through denial, anger, sadness, fear, rationalisation, acceptance, new attachment, forgiveness and gratitude as we ride an emotional journey dealing with grief. I felt very sad attending the funeral of a young indigenous person, I have felt some anger in supporting the failing health for my ageing mother and I still have difficulty accepting the expansion of Sunshine Coast Airport as much of our native wildlife is being displaced by development each day.

The “Black Lives Matter” movement is highlighting the plight of our indigenous people with poor health, housing, and high levels of incarceration in the justice system. There is continuing racial discrimination with the indigenous people clearly disadvantaged. While indigenous custodians have provided us with a wonderful legacy with the natural environment and culture, they are not being fairly treated.

Maybe we all need to realise and accept responsibility for everything that we have created and work harder for reconciliation with indigenous Australians. If we all live with gratitude for the inheritance of this wonderful country Australia, we can work together to sustain a shared prosperous future.

We all need to see the totems like the appearance of the sea eagle, the robin, the sea snake or the dolphin as part of our loving spiritual connection to this country. By helping to conserve nature we will have an enduring legacy and together we will achieve great things.

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