The JobKeeper Payment continues for a further six months until 28 March 2021. This payment targets support to those businesses and not-for-profits who continue to be significantly impacted by the Coronavirus.
Unfortunately many people have not been able to get JobKeeper and jobs have disappeared in areas like tourism and hospitality. These payments will gradually be trimmed back and businesses will fail and jobs will be harder to find. Youth unemployment is already a particular concern at 25 percent on the Sunshine Coast. We need our governments to continue the support with a Guaranteed Living Income.
Recently, I was talking to a person who was to receive a reduced payment for JobKeeper, however is keenly looking forward to do some retraining and getting into a field more in line with her values. This person is looking towards a career in aged care or palliative care. As one of the kindest and most giving people I have come across what a great match for this career choice.
Coming out of the virus restrictions it will be important to support each other and help people connect again. As the Dalai Lama says in the “Art of Happiness” our need for other people is paradoxical. At the same time that our culture is caught up in the celebration of fierce independence, we also yearn for intimacy and connection”. He recommends “maintaining closeness with as many people as possible”.
So for some they will see the virus challenges as an opportunity to have more meaningful and purposeful careers long term as they retrain. For others there will not be a job for a considerable amount of time and we need a good financial safety net for all such as a Universal Guaranteed Living Income.
I believe our community will step up and help those who need that support. Intimacy and connection needs to be rebuilt in our community and generous giving in volunteer roles could be part of the solution. We each have an important role in achieving a happy, healthy and harmonious community.

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