Well it is wonderful weather in the spring for walking and last week I was able to join a friend for a walk in the Glass House Mountains. We experienced the Trackyte Circuit which included walking the circumference of Mount Tibrogargan with wildflowers, shady fern filled gullies and views to the surrounding mountains. This is just a one hour drive away from Coolum and the North Shore.
I believe there is an art in walking with serenity achieved. As Ken Dowling says “by letting go of the struggle and pain to flow with the energy on your life’s journey and you will feel the serene peace of your love and light…You will feel calm, at one with all around you and you will feel true peace in your soul”.
There is a serenity about beautiful natural places in particular mountains like Mount Tibrogargan and Mount Gul’um which does not mean that you need to climb them. A walking trail around the base or a place where you can take vistas of their beauty in the distance can be just as good for sustaining the soul.
As we move further into October and the latter part of the year we are able to reconnect with our family, friends and communities with the easing of COVID restrictions. This will be a challenging time raising a range of emotions. The adoption of the art of walking will help that calming and clearing process necessary for you to be balanced and enjoying wellbeing.
My walking friend works with OZ HARVEST which is an organisation that helps ensure that people have enough food on the table so sustaining both the body and the soul are important. It is a time for giving to ensure that everyone has enough to eat as the community is relying on people like OZ HARVEST, religious groups, service organisations and many other community groups to help ensure nobody goes hungry.
Don’t let walking become a lost art to you as every journey starts with a single step.
Enjoy your day.

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