Waking up early last Sunday morning at Marcoola with the golden rays of light just starting to touch the top of the trees and the twitter of birds, I felt all was well with the world. I remembered that today was the day I worried about yesterday.
Being on the doorstep of 2021 we should remember that the wise sages would say that we need to be flexible to overcome obstacles, to move with the flow of events and to let go.
The golden learnings of 2020 for many people have been the need to slow down and enjoy the present moment and the beauty and peace within. As many people celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ at Christmas we might remember that he said “Seek ye the kingdom of heaven within, and all else will be added unto you”.
It is time to enjoy the wonderful Christmas carols like “Joy to the World” lifting and openning the hearts of peoples and nature around the world.
We just have to look around us at the wonderful natural environment on the Sunshine Coast and appreciate the bush, mountains, beaches and ocean which sustain our health and wellbeing.
We are the guardians of nature’s bounty and need to maintain the external beauty as well by working to protect the natural environment. We want all generations to be able to enjoy clean water and air and feel that connection to nature. For many this maybe just a brief interlude of a beach or bush holiday on the Sunshine Coast but they will become committed to its protection and nourished in their daily lives.
My New Year’s resolution will be to try live more naturally helping to create harmony and peace in our world.
In 2021 there will be new dawns and opportunities so let us celebrate the New Year and the bounty we have inherited on the Coast.
I wish everyone a wonderful Festive Season and may 2021 bring you happiness, health and harmony. Joy to the world and peace be with you.

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