The mind is an instrument and there is a job to do. In COVID times the mind has been challenged to do its job with much anxiety and fear present. There has been much focus on mental health by health authorities, however in the alternate therapies space yoga has a significant part to play in mind training.
In Oriental Yoga a holistic practice for the body, mind and spirit using loving kindness to dissolve fear and anxiety in flows, postures, self-talks, mantras and meditations have been evolving. According to Saraswati “Hatha yoga’s traditional purpose as a pathway to a harmonised, one pointed mind …has been largely forgotten”.
My vision is for nature and community to be connected and sustained through oriental yoga fostering a loving kindness, health and wellbeing. This practice consequently is designed to help provide mind training for the current anguish and uncertainty present. Without training we will not have the clarity and insight for mental health.
Holistic yoga practice helps provide a mind that can help us navigate our way through life as we work with universal values like compassion, kindness and patience. Yogis and sages have provided a path over thousands of years to nourish our mind, body and spirit.
Classes resumes on Monday, 26 April so contact Tony on MS0419791860.

Mind Training and Oriental Yoga
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