Natural places like Rainbow Beach, Stradbroke Island and our beautiful Sunshine Coast can be really grounding. Being grounded and possessing humility are important for the health and wellbeing of our mind, body and spirit.
Being grounded is to be fully conscious, to be aware of your body and where you are while also being aware of your state of mind and levels of feeling secure and peaceful.
Grounding skills help us manage overwhelming emotions or an intense situation. When you are grounded, it is easier to challenge yourself taking on new experiences while being calm and at peace.
“recognizing our earth roots, and the earth roots of everyone else, knowing that we are not, in essence, greater than, lesser than, or even separate from, the rest of life” — “by the root definition, on the earth, or of the earth, we are all humble, all rising from, sustained by, and returning to the earth”(from “Ground Work” by Nancy Jackson).
If you are feeling you need some techniques for being grounded and living with humility there are postures, flows, meditative practices and experiences in nature to help. With visualisations, meditation and postures like “Fig Tree”, “Pose of Humility” or “Salute to the Sun” you will feel that connection in Oriental Yoga (OY) practices.
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