Welcome to SPIRIT.3H Yoga Chi Gung 2015 with Tony on Marcoola Beach

Welcome to SPIRIT.3H Yoga Chi Gung

Yoga Chi Gung cultivates wellness. By moving the body in the most natural way and connecting with the breath the practice is meditative and invigorating. Building body awareness, flexibility, balance and strengthening muscles achieves health, happiness and harmony.

The practice is designed to be within your capacity by extending without tension and challenging without stress.   Stretching is within your body limits. Yoga Chi Gung practice does not require past experience or a level of flexibility to commence practicing.    Suits all ages!

You will benefit by being centered with feelings of vitality, improved blood circulation and breathing. Increase your strength and suppleness and the ability to move through change and life’s challenging situations. Improve the quality of your sleep and relaxation and learn useful stress management techniques.

Come and try Yoga Chi Gung as the new students get the first class free (Value $12)

New classes at Mapleton commence on Friday, 1 March 2019 – 9:15 for 9:30 am



9:30 to 10:30 AM 


6:30 to 7:30 PM


3:00 to 4:00 PM   


9:00 AM rain forest walk and 10:15 AM YCG practice

COST is $50 for 5 classes or $12 casual.

Classes for private lessons are available other times by appointment. The cost is $66 for Private Lessons for up to 3 people at the North Shore Community Centre subject to availability.

Corporate and school groups the cost is $120 for of up to 12 at your venue with mats supplied.

HOLISTIC COACHING – enhances careers, leadership, communication, teams and relationships.

Come and try holistic coaching to understand your strengths and gifts. Get the first session free (Value $66)

COST is $66 per session.

The Venues: for Holistic Coaching and Yoga Chi Gung are the North Shore Community Centre, David Low Way, Mudjimba (Just before Coles North Shore Shopping Centre, Turn left off the David Low Way travelling south from Marcoola) and the Mapleton Hall, 31 Obi Obi Road, Mapleton.

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Contact: Tony Gibson   M: 0419791860  E: tony.gibson@spirit3h.com.au

Retreats  – Have a day or weekend to get back to Balance!

Perfect spaces for connecting with nature, healthy exercise, stress relief and meditation.

Retreats can be offered in eco lodges or camping in the natural environment.

Dissolving stress and anxiety with a weekend of morning Yoga Chi Gung, meditation and relaxation, self reflection and yoga walks.


Girraween National Park - Bald Rock Creek


Meditative Practice for Vitality (3 Minutes)

This practice helps when you are feeling fatigued

  • sit in a chair with the back straight and body centred, close your eyes, releasing and relaxing down from the crown to the toes and take three deep breaths in and out
  • continue to connect with the breath and place your palms up and connect your thumbs and finger pads gently extending your index ring and little fingers (1 minute)
  • connect your thumb and index finger pads gently extending your middle, ring and little fingers while visualising a rising or setting sun over the sea  (1 minute)
  • finish by mentally saying – I am overflowing with vitality (3 times) – before opening the eyes
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