It is not surprising that attention to work and life balance, health and flexibility increases productivity and profits. In my experience there is a direct relationship between workers feeling energised and their level of engagement and productivity.

Older workers like most of the workforce are looking for flexibility as they enter a career transition phase of their lives. Baby boomers want to stay healthy and energised with part-time and contracting providing great opportunities to achieve balance.

Global researchers Regus recently found that 72% of senior managers and business owners surveyed believed that flexibility drives productivity (China 90% and India 79%). The study also found 63% of workers felt more energised and motivated by having flexible work arrangements such as ongoing part-time work.

Australian and New Zealand organisations are starting to develop approaches like that of our Asian neighbours offering more flexibility to meet demand.

To quote Regus “Energized and motivated staff will be enjoying their jobs more and will be less likely to leave their company confirming that flexible working is becoming an evermore important and widely acknowledged talent retention tool.” 


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