When we see somebody with a poor posture and a sad expression we come to realise that they are either having a bad day or maybe that is their habitual negative posture. Observing a person’s poor posture, short fast breathing and a closed chest often indicates a level of emotional pain, anxiety and stress. In our modern world this is now quite prevalent as we lose our connection to natural rhythms and our communities.
Ancient Chinese sages in the past believed that when the posture is correct and there is relaxed muscular tension then there is an increase in lung capacity. In contrast to the poor posture happy, healthy and positive people when standing look more like a mountain. The mountain is seen to have a strong, solid base connected to the earth though its peak is in the clouds reaching up.
In Yoga Chi Gung (YCG) mountain pose is a foundation posture performed with natural breathing and aligns the body with:
1. feet hip width apart and parallel or slightly turned out;
2. knees soft and off lock;
3. tail bone lengthening downward reducing the lumbar curve;
4. shoulders relaxed, releasing outwards and downwards;
5. hands open extending through the middle fingers; and
6. head floating on the neck and the face soft.
In YCG we position our body in a natural posture like mountain pose and breathing to enhance a positive feeling affirming the body mind connections.
A holistic coaching plan and YCG instruction will allow you to get a better match between the body, mind and spirit. It all needs to work together and focussing on the body posture and breathing will translate into a higher state of wellbeing.
Tony at SPIRIT.3H is an experienced coach and yoga teacher who has a passion for helping people achieve their goals. A holistic coaching program and YCG practice for you around career, lifestyle, nutrition, meditation and exercise will help you. By defining your life purpose, connecting to nature and community you will be on track for meaning and wellbeing in your life.
Contact Tony to arrange a personal coaching session on MS 0419791860, email tony.gibson@spirit3h.com.au or visit the website www.spirit3h.com.au for more information. Also, you may like to join a regular YCG class at the North Shore Community Centre at Mudjimba.

Mount Coolum

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