Recently I was enthralled by stories from Lyndon Davis (Gubbi Gubbi people) and Tim Cope (Australian Adventurer) at the Sunshine Coast Conservation Forum sponsored by the Sunshine Coast Council. Both speakers were able to tell us how the communities in traditional cultures live with their environment sustainably and it helped provide a message of hope for change.

Tim in his story told us of his journey on the steppes of central Asia and Europe over three (3) years on horseback from east to west and why relationships were most important. He describes the relevance of community on the steppes working together, looking after each other, providing hospitality and sharing stories and knowledge which is vital for survival. By reaching out and taking a risk Tim believes that the world conspires to help you.

Lyndon conveyed powerful stories of the connection of traditional peoples with plants, animals, fish and birds and how the land would look after the people. I liked the story of the mullet run and dolphins and sea eagles helping the traditional owners to harvest the fish from the sea. This showed that the stories and traditional knowledge were similarly important to his people’s survival. Also, this showed that the traditional people are connected to the rhythms of the land and the seasons which they replicate in song, dance, hunting and gathering practices.

As many have said like Tim it is the journey that is more important than the destination and by reaching out to each other in the community we will come up with solutions together. Having some fun, keeping a sense of humour, being patient and expecting uncertainty as you acquire the knowledge and traditional wisdom will mean that the world conspires with you for a sustainable future.

I will be working with Kerry Jones and other traditional owners (Gubbi Gubbi people) who will tell us their stories as we enjoy our journey on a ninety (90) minute wildflower walk at Marcoola. The walk will be a splendid surprise and will commence at 2:00 PM on Saturday, 22 August at the end of Cessna Ave, Marcoola as part of the Sunshine Coast Wildflower Festival. You can email me or call me direct on MS 0419791860 or

I believe once we realise that community is always the answer then providing hope of a sustainable future is not difficult.

Mount Coolum

Mount Coolum

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