Many of us love work and have no desire to retire, however we all get to stages in our lives when we decide to review our priorities and re-charge our batteries. This often occurs when you leave a job after many years either voluntarily or through little choice like redundancies or voluntary early retirements. These times might be quite uncertain and stressful, but they are also liberating and open up many possibilities.

For many of us there is a world of difference between making a living and having a life with real meaning as you fulfillyour purpose.  It sometimes takes quite a deal of time to make the adjustment, but when you connect with what you really want to do and come up with that balance of work and leisure it is so satisfying.

Finding meaningful work is now harder than ever. With trends that come and go like the wind you can easily find yourself working on something that doesn’t last so you always need to be open,  learning and confident in your unique gifts.

I really enjoyed a book by Kate Burton Live Life, Love Work as it describes how you can live the life you want to live. Kate believes that people want a sense of peace and personal freedom to make the right choices concerning how they live and what they do.

We all have a passion and accessing that purposeful energy can lead you into some amazing vocations or callings. I particularly am attracted to some of the people who love our natural environment and are saving turtles, planting trees or working to rid the oceans of plastics. Others passions might be computer games or helping the elderly or children, but it is whatever gives that purposeful energy that means you love work.

For older workers the challenge of finding work is more significant with age discrimination. Re-think Re-engage Australia is a not for profit working to help older workers find meaningful work, so why not visit their website.

Get a life you love enjoying every day.

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