It is time to look at a holistic approach to ensure your immune system is working to keep you fit and well. At this time of the year the virus and flu season is nearly with us and both eastern and western medicine practices have much in common with suggested treatments.
From Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and Ayurvedic sources from India we have the underpinning knowledge for eastern responses. Some western medicine practitioners have started to add these to their approaches.
In Oriental Yoga and Holistic Coaching we hope to get the best of both worlds encompassing a range of Immune System Supportive Strategies that work, including:
1. Exercise, Stress Management Techniques and Lifestyle Practices including adequate sleep
2 Nutrition – reducing sugar, refined carbohydrates and saturated animal fats. Increase good oils such as omega 3 and a balanced diet with a variety of fresh and preferably organic vegetables.
3. Herbs and Supplements including Vitamins D and C, Zinc, Tumeric, Ginger and Cinammon.
4. Connection with family, friends and community even if only by the phone, on line and the social media.

How does exercise and lifestyle work?
In Oriental Yoga the exercise practice is also meditation in motion with a slow flow helping to heal anxiety and stress. By working with organ energies and meridians energy flows we can help heal the body and avoid diseases.
With the poor lifestyle practices and sleep deprivation occurring and developments like the mobile phone and the internet meaning we are constantly on alert, anxiety and depression are increasing. We need to focus more on our insides like our internal organs such as the kidneys, heart, lungs and spleen for immunity.
The healing exercise of Oriental Yoga practices helps move away from the sympathetic fight and flight responses to the parasympathetic where we rest and digest as we calm the nerves. This Oriental Yoga practice brings the brain back to the body as we bring positive energy to the body and move away from that constant alert which works to deplete the immune system.
Feedback from students of Oriental Yoga is that they have a much improved sleep pattern and when you are tired, sleep.

“The best rule of conduct is to laugh at everything – Chuang Tzu” and a big belly laugh makes you feel good.

More information on important Herbs
Ginger – In Chinese medicine, ginger is considered a warming herb and acts specifically on the lungs, spleen and stomach. It is a qi (chi) tonic, promotes circulation and treats phlegm in the lungs accompanied with cough. It promotes circulation as well as sweating, and is used to treat joint pain due to cold.
Cooking with organic fresh ginger in food like miso soup is a good way to take in ginger.
Tumeric – The herb turmeric enters the heart, lung, liver and gallbladder meridians and is used to invigorate blood and remove stagnation from the body. It is spicy, bitter and cold. Yu Jin is used to move blood and qi stagnation and is especially good for pain.
It is suggested to regularly cook with turmeric and also maybe take organic turmeric tablets.
Cinnamon – In Traditional Chinese Medicine, cinnamon has long been known for its capacity to treat and prevent a much wider range of ailments. Chinese medicine views gui zhi (cassia twigs) as spicy, sweet, and powerfully warming. From a meridian channel perspective, this herb has the ability to penetrate the heart, lung, and bladder meridians. If caught early enough, gui zhi will expel pathogens by mobilising the body’s own immune response.
It is suggested cinnamon and honey with yoghurt is a good daily breakfast food supplement.
Other Treatments
Coconut oil – A little coconut oil on the skin and in the nostrils is suggested for protection.
An annual flu shot from your local GP (General Practitioner) at this time of year with a potential follow up in July is the current advice from health authorities.
Please note this article provides general guidelines and seeking specific advice from health practitioners on your individual health status is encouraged. It is appreciated that due to allergies and other reasons some of these suggestions may not apply to you.

A healthy and happy body, mind and spirit is what we all would like and if I can assist you within the limits of my training I would love to help.

Please contact me by email at or MS 0419791860  Like on Facebook – SPIRIT.3H

Namaste Tony

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