Just a short note this week and a simple additional exercise from Chi Gung of Scooping the Blue Water as we continue the focus on our kidneys and bladder in the Winter. This can be accessed on youtube on the link following.

Scooping Blue Water for Nourishing the Kidneys https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6s4wMgxSCDc

We can build strength, courage, confidence, caution, will and resourcefulness as we nurture the kidneys.

The water element in Winter reminds us of the wise words in Chapter 8 of the Dao Te Ching – Fluidity

The greatest virtue is like water.

Water cleanses and nourishes without striving.

It flows to the lowest places and is humble, emulating the Dao.

The wise person is like water living close to the earth,

In relationships is strong yet gentle, honest and humble.

Is fair in leadership and competent in business,

Is aware of timing when initiating action,

Is successful because flow results in success and harmony.

Namaste Tony

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