Everyone has a leadership role and as humans we have many roles always juggling balls in our life including relationships, work, family, health, wellbeing and more. Some of those balls are glass balls and can shatter therefore it is important that we give some more attention than others.
Yoga practitioners and many leaders today are using mindfulness techniques being in the moment and self-aware. This helps us to break down fear as we get much better at being with our fears and releasing them.
By nourishing ourselves with compassion, kindness and forgiveness and letting go of our judgements we can foster happiness, health and harmony.
Author David Michie tells us “Why Mindfulness is better than Chocolate” in a guide to inner peace and happiness. We need to feel good about ourselves to participate fully in relationships and to enjoy a fulfilling life and we can do that without too much chocolate. In feeling good about ourselves we can see the clear connections between the body, mind and spirit.
As we enjoy the healthy body, mind and spirit in our Oriental Yoga (OY) we focus on the “feeling as where the mind goes so the energy flows”. OY is a flowing meditative and mindful practice which works to bring energy to you in all your roles in life.
Namaste Tony

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