I am a citizen of the universe and call the planet earth home. I am not one of the mega rich like Richard Branson (VIRGIN GALACTIC) and Elon Musk (SPACEX) and have the resources to start looking for new places to live away from earth’s gravity.
The planet Earth is our precious home for humans, plants and animals and we have international agencies like UNESCO to protect the world’s heritage and potential future threats.While here on Earth I am quite aware of threats to the planet of climate change and acidification of our oceans I realise there are solutions to the problems of fossil fuels like renewable energy from the sun, wind, and water.
In 2013 I made submissions on behalf of Coolum and North Shore Coast Care under the federal environment legislation against the proposed Carmichael Coal mine and railway in central Queensland. This was due to the failure to provide and assess greenhouse gas emissions and ensuing global warming, rising ocean level and ocean acidification externality impacts. This was on the Great Barrier Reef NP, Commonwealth Marine Reserve environmental resources and on coastal communities throughout Australia.
The enviromental impact assessments submitted by Adani Mining were inadequate in failing to address strategic sustainable development mandates of the Queensland Government’s Sustainable Planning Act (2009) (the Act), and its goal of reducing greenhouse gas emissions.
For nine years Coast Care has been going to the Great Barrier Reef undertaking environmental works. The interdependency of our oceans has been appreciated for a long time and work on the Sunshine Coast to protect the environment flows across our Earth.
Thank you to UNESCO scientists for the draft recommendation to list as “in danger” the Great Barrier Reef the greatest living thing on this planet as this is in everyones backyard who lives on the Earth. This draft recommendation gives hope of change and that we will get support of the international custodians.
Thank you to all the environmental groups and volunteers working to save the planet and give us hope. It is a very beautiful and fragile planet so why not consider joining a group to look after your backyard?

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