It was one of those magical winter days last Sunday when the sea is so calm, the sky and sea so blue and the water and air so clear that you can see forever or maybe just across the water to Mudjimba Island. I mused with the thought of going and living on the island for a while as free as a bird.
English poet John Donne famously wrote that “no man is an island,” comparing people to countries, and arguing for the interconnectedness of all people with God. It is generally held to mean that every member of the human race must, at some point, seek or need contact with others.
This basic need for contact is being severely tested with COVID mask wearing, lockdowns and a myriad of regulations. We were just hearing the latest COVID regulations were being tightened meaning that some of the important connections and celebrations of milestones like family birthdays were going to have to be postponed once more.
In our community there are feelings of anger, anxiety and frustration as sporting teams and politicians were flying here and there around the world but our loved ones and those not as well connected were not getting the same privileges.
I had been so fortunate to that weekend being able to take a walk in a national park with a friend. Also we looked after our grandchildren while watching my son and daughter- in- law participate in the Jetty to Jetty Fun Run with thousands of happy people.
The constant media coverage of the unfolding COVID challenges at times make us feel like taking refuge and being alone on a beautiful island like Mudjimba Island. With the weather the way it is you could snorkel with the turtles enjoying the corals and other wonderful marine life just catching enough fish to fill your belly.
Of course this is not realistic as no person is an island. Without the regulations protecting Mudjimba Island national park values would suffer.
It is time to again recognise our interconnectedness coaching each other with generous loving hearts observing the regulations for everyone’s health and wellbeing.

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