A white-lipped tree frog has again returned to one of our garden pots. The white-lipped tree frog has large toe pads, which help it to climb. The toes are completely webbed, and the hands are partially webbed. This frog can get into large pots and just wait for some passing insects to have a feed. When the rain comes you will definitely hear its call or bark.

We have a frog motel in the backyard which is a pot with gravel and PVC pipes protruding but so far no frogs have come to stay. The design has been made to stop toads from taking up a home so hopefully, we will have some residents one day.

I love the white-lipped tree frog and for me, they look to be in a very Zen-like state. What is a Zen? A popular current definition from the Webster dictionary defines “Zen” as – “a state of calm attentiveness in which one’s actions are guided by intuition”.

A state of relaxed, calm and peacefulness being in the moment is the way I typically see a Zen state. I can see this state in people, wildlife and our pets at certain times.

In a more religious context, Zen is often associated with Japanese Buddhism. Students of Zen aim to achieve enlightenment by the way they live, and by mental actions that approach the truth without philosophical thought or intellectual endeavour.

We can achieve that Zen state by meditation. Meditation starts with the connection to the breath relaxing the body, mind and spirit. The training of the mind can occur to be calm, suspend judgement and the continual intellectualising accepting things as they are.

Attaining Zen can be in a garden, in the bush or by the sea. It does not need to be in a cross-legged sitting meditation posture and could be walking, swimming or surfing.

We are very fortunate there are many places in nature and our backyards here on the Sunshine Coast help us achieve a Zen state. The relaxed coast lifestyle with visitors sharing the dream could see the Sunshine Coast being a “Zen Central”. “Just Breathe and Enjoy!”

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