On Sunday, as I rode to the Maroochy River a large eastern grey kangaroo stopped about 50 metres in front of me taking up a position right on the dotted white line in the middle of the road. I slowed down and the roo looked me in the eye but did not move. I thought well, I will pass slowly by along the edge of the road but the roo did not move. As I got about 50 metres further and still no movement, I thought I better go back and wave any cars down. The roo then just decided to proceed on its way through to the other side of the Maroochy River Conservation Park. Another bike rider and car arrived just in time to see a beautiful bounding kangaroo.
Well, this was another great start to my day for me as well as for all the people of the Sunshine Coast that we can have this experience with the natural world on a morning bike ride. With 2022 around the corner my resolution will be to continue my efforts to maintain biodiversity protecting our natural environment on the Coast.
What will your resolution be in 2022? Will your resolution be a big bold goal like that no child will live in poverty or maybe leading action for climate change? Will your resolution be simply to do more of the same supporting your community, family and friends? Whatever you decide following your heart will mean it will be framed by loving kindness for all creatures that inhabit the world.
You might decide to increase your efforts to be in balance and harmony living a natural and sustainable existence. The opportunity for all of us is to experience an inner smile sharing that smile and our connection to nature.
We are very fortunate to have a high degree of freedom, can make informed choices and take responsibility for making a better life for ourselves and all creatures. Yes, by our actions we can increase loving kindness and compassion in the world. Wishing everyone peace, harmony, happiness and health in 2022. Happy New Year and enjoy every day.

Peace, Harmomy, Happiness and Health

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