I love what I do whether it is teaching oriental yoga or getting out on the wonderful coastal sand dunes planting and weeding. Both these activities lift your spirits and revitalise the body and mind.
I was recently listening to a local radio gardening segment presenter who was talking about the benefits both physical and mental of gardening in your yard in a therapeutic way. This presenter teaches therapeutic gardening and can see the positive results for her students.
I have spoken many times of the value of a mindfulness practices where you are at peace and in the moment . Working in dune and bush care is very much a mindfulness practice like yoga as you work with the breath. You might even come across beautiful birds, butterflies or a range of marsupials as you work away restoring habitat.
The challenges in life just find there true proportions when you are out in nature and with the breath. We all face significant challenges at times whether it be illness or the passing of some one close to us. By being out in nature and caring for the natural environment like the work of coast care we can be get wonderfully therapeutic benefits.
The Japanese talk about forest bathing as a way to destress so we know there are many ways to nourish and nurture a healthy mental state enjoying the benefits of nature.
In our coast care with weeding and planting there is plenty of conditioning work with walking, digging, carting plants and moderately heavy bags of weeds. The physical benefits soon mount up with this activity.
You may have noticed that our beaches are getting eroded and we are down to the coffee rock in some places and some trees are falling into the sea. The action we take to plant trees is so important because the dunes are our last zone of defense from rising sea levels.
Lately, you might have noticed a large number of candidates election signs appearing. I think who ever is willing to take action on climate change is worth a vote in the election don’t you?
Peace be with you.

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