On the 21 June the winter solstice date we will experience the shortest day of the year. In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) this solstice is at the height of the yin energy cycle which is a time for gathering energy, rest, renewal, in preparation for the upswing of the yang cycle marked by the coming of spring.
In the winter many of us have our own nourishing rituals, including:
1. Hibernating as we allow our bodies to rest and heal;
2. Eating nourishing hearty foods like warm vegetable soups and oat porridges;
3. Moving the body in the most natural ways with yoga, chi gung and walks in nature;
4. Dressing for the season with warm clothing; and
5. Meditating finding silence within.
The positive energy will become stronger and stronger from the winter solstice onwards.
In the winter season in Oriental Yoga we work to get the yin and yang balance with the kidney and the bladder organs the focus in the practice. Warming winter exercises like monkey stretches and white bellied sea eagle squats help the flow of energy as we maintain flexibility and balance.
We promote the realisation that we are one with nature and the seasons connecting with the energies for health, peace of mind and wellbeing.
Come and enjoy a winter warmers energy practice.
Contact Tony on MS0419791860 or visit SPIRIT.3H on Facebook.

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